Walabot DIY Helps You See Through Walls and Be a DIY Man

The last time you picked the drill and tried to be the man of the house, you messed up the wiring and damaged a pipe. But don’t worry, it won’t happen again. All you have to do is keep the Walabot DIY by your side.

This tiny device attaches to your Android smartphone (iPhone users can go and cry in the corner) and lets you see the wiring, cords, pipes, studs, and everything else behind the walls with its powerful X-ray vision. Walabot DIY will not only show what’s behind 4-inch thick concrete wall but also tell you the depth so that you can carry on with your experiments without the worry of causing major damage.

All you have to do is stick the device behind your smartphone and roll it over the surface that you want to mess with. Walabot DIY is also smart enough to find rodents, small pets, and termite & wasp nests.

In short, Walabot DIY is a man’s best friend. Check out the product today!