Trezor Protects Your Bitcoin Fortune From Virtual Thugs

Bitcoin is the currency of the future and to keep it safe from virtual pickpockets, the world needed a super wallet. Satoshi Labs created the same and enabled secure payments even if computer and internet connection doesn’t seem super secure.

Trezor is hardware bitcoin wallet that gives a good night’s sleep to bitcoin owners by protecting private keys from hackers. It uses an isolated environment for offline transaction signing and payment verification.

The bitcoin wallet doesn’t require you to be bespectacled virgin nerd to operate it. It is easy as pie for anyone who works with Windows, Linux or OS X. Powered by cryptographic algorithms, growing developer community, and other geeky stuff, it eliminates chances of any backdoor creation through which your digital currency can disappear. That means you can relax and have fun with your cool AI robot.

In case you are still paranoid, you can take a Trezor backup on a piece of paper and use the details to regain access of coins in case of theft or less.

Check out the almighty Trezor!