Dodge Traffic Tickets and Cops with TrapTap

If you run into cops all the time for your sucky driving skills, then, we have good news for you. TrapTap is a tiny device that will help you dodge red light cameras, school zones, speed traps, cop radar traps, road hazards, and much more without taking your eyes off the road just like Navdy does for navigation.

The device will flash red, green, and blue light for different kinds of road traps and safety hazards to keep you and your wallet safe. The device will connect with the TrapTap app (Android and iPhone) on your phone via Bluetooth and keep you updated during the journey.

TrapTap comes with a community feature that lets you add alerts for cop radar traps, mobile speed traps, and road hazards that aren’t already there. That means lot of karma will come your way. Check out the portable device to dodge cops and stay safe while driving.