The X Suit: a Tech Enhanced Super Suit for Men

If you don’t look good in a suit, either you are wearing the wrong suit or you are ugly. Suits make us look dapper, and we all know how much chicks dig them. But wearing suits is a full time job. You got to take care of them more than your girlfriend. Plus they restrict movement, wrinkle easily, and can make you sweat. Yes? No. Not if you have the X Suit.

X Suit has some serious superpowers. Like fabric that dodges liquids, oils, and everything that can ruin your look on an otherwise perfect day. The X Suit is stretchable, doesn’t get wrinkled, has 12 pockets, and comes in corporate & sporty looks. And it will hide your stink. In short, this is the suit every mandeserve.

Check it out on Kickstarter and get amazing rewards along with the Super Suit!