The Neck Hammock to Fix That Damn Neck of Yours

Neck pain can be a pain in the…err…neck, and it can destroy your whole day. So, Dr. Steve Sudell spent thousands of hours to create a neck hammock that can give you relief from chronic neck pain in just 10 minutes.

The hammock is actually a cervical traction device which won’t cost you a truckload of money and helps relax the tired muscles of your neck. The neck hammock improves blood flow and circulation which leads to oxygenation of muscles, nerves, tendons, & ligaments as well. After the session, you will be all charged up and ready to slay like this battle drone.

The neck hammock is pretty easy to use. All you need is a door or pole to fasten the lose end of the hammock and rest your neck on the sling. Throw your medications out; this product designed by a licensed physical therapist s all you need to kick neck pain’s ass. Here it is!