Tertill: a Solar Powered Weeding Robot for Gardening Lovers

Gardening wouldn’t have been such a pain in the bum if weed didn’t exist. Seriously, we are spending more time rooting out the horrible tiny plants than watering and nourishing our adorable vegetables and flower beds. But don’t worry, technology is here to save to day. To be more exact, Tertill is here.

Tertill is the best friend of gardening enthusiasts and #1 enemy of weed. The solar powered robot has been built to saunter around your garden daily and terminate weed without using chemicals. Yes, you read that right. No chemical, only science! The Four-wheel-drive got sensors and technology that powers the world famous Roomba.

Tertill is a weather-proof weed-hating robot that will stop the ugly weed and unwanted plants from sticking out countless heads. And of course you can control it with your smartphone! Check out the cool weed destroyer on Kickstarter.