Tactical Chef Apron For Grill Masters & Outdoor Chefs

When the hunger strikes and you have to answer the call, it is best to suit up or brace yourself for spills, frequent kitchen runs, and even burnt meat. To help you put up a good cooking show, we found an amazing chef apron tailored for the needs of outdoor grill masters and chefs.

Made of 100% cotton, this chef apron says CHEF at the back and comes with MOLLE system to fit everything a grill sergeant needs. The apron brings 2 large pouches, 3 small pouches, front & back Velcro patch, adjustable side strap,  and of course a pocket to keep your phone. In short, the perfect apron while cooking on your BBQ Briefcase Grill.

This tactical chef apron can be washed in washing machine and can fit everything you need to fix the perfect meat, burger or whatever. Check out the cool product!