Star Trek TNG ComBadge is Finally Arrived!

Star Trek fans have been roaming the galaxies for this but it has been sitting under our nose all this while. Yes, the Star Trek TNG ComBadge that makes the chirp sound has finally been found and we brought it over here.

The Star Trek TNG ComBadge connects to your phone through Bluetooth and gives you an amazing hands-free calling experience. The tiny Star Trek device is smart enough to access Siri, Google Now, or Cortana, and also plays music for your nerd ears. This is the perfect accessory to shutup your friend who can’t stop talking about his Death Star Speaker.

The lapel speaker brings High quality micro-speakers by Massive Audio and also includes noise suppression and echo cancellation. Star Trek TNG ComBadge’s battery will last 2 hours of non-stop chirping and over 48 hours on Bluetooth standby. Check out the amazing product.