Solar Breeze NX: Solar Powered Robotic Pool Cleaner

Do you know what’s the best thing about summer? Taking a dip in the pool. Do you know what’s the worst thing about summer? Cleaning the damn pool. The point is no one will notice your tan or perfect beach bod when you are raking up leaves with a skimmer. That’s exactly why you need this amazing solar powered pool cleaning robot in your life.

Fitted with sensors, software, and other geeky stuff, Solar Breeze NX will swim every corner of your pool and make sure all the leaves, pollens, cotton, dust, and even sun lotion oils from your skinare collected before they sink to the floor and becomefilthy algae. Perfectly safe for children and pets, this robot will rest your pool filters and save loads of power.

Get your Solar Breeze NX pool cleaner today and leave the lame work to the amazing swimming bot.