The King of Shovels: Snow Wolf SW0310 Wheel

People hate shovelling snow because it a damn slow and tiring. But it doesn’t have to be. Structured Solutions II LLC built Snow Wolf SW0310 Wheeled Snow Shovel to make the gruelling task super easy.

Fitted with 35” wheel, heavy gauge steel and injection-molded polypropylene, Snow Wolf SW0310 can throw snow up to 3 times faster than any standard shovel and drastically reduce injury risk. This means less time shovelling and more time chilling in your inflatable hot tub.



Top ergonomic research center tested Show Wolf SW0310 Wheel and reported 3 to 4 times reduction in lower back stress and cardio exertion. Tested by professionals around the world, Snow Wolf can outperform any shovel whatsoever. The mean machine is fully adjustable, maintenance free, and can be used by anyone; yes, we mean ‘Anyone’. Guys, the King has arrived. Bring the “King of Shovels” home now.