Sea to Sky: The Ultimate Waterproof Travel Backpack That Fits In Your Pocket

Rad backpacks are made in heaven but damn hard to find on planet Earth. That’s why a team of adventurers came together to create Sea to Sky, an amazing 24L waterproof backpack which is lightweight, functional, and unbelievably good looking.

Hot property on Kickstarter, this backpack will fit into your pocket (when not in use, silly) and is badass enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. It also has adjustable straps, deep side pockets, and reflective zipper for nocturnal animals. In short, Sea to Sky is a versatile backpack that comes at a ridiculously small price.

With funding of nearly $300,000 to date from thousands of backers on Kickstarter, this waterproof travel backpack is seriously lit. Go preorder it for yourself or to gift your buddy who loves the wilderness.