Have No Fear, Salt Firing Self-defence Gun is Here!

While the debate on gun ownership and regulation is still going on, some smart guys have come up with a midway that’s way better than owning killer firearms. The Salt Firing Gun gets the job done through a substance that incapacitates the threat without really causing a life threating injury.

The Salt Firing Gun fires small capsules that contain a toxin that will neutralize the target instantly so that you can get out of harm’s way and be safe until help arrives. The gun looks like the real deal and might be enough to send an intruder running for his life. And we highly recommend you not to lung for Cap’s Shield when bad guys strike.

Keeping a firearm always comes with a worry if there are children around. Salt Firing Gun however will let you rest in sleep. Have a look at the firearm that gets the job done without any damage to someone’s life.