This Pedal Powered Forklift for Kids Actually Gets Shit Down

Let’s be honest. No one likes kids running around and raise a ruckus. So, won’t it be great to give them a toy that will keep them busy, reduce some chores for you (putting out the trash, for instance), and also teach them a thing or two? Introducing Forklift for Kids, the perfect companion of young kids.

Forklift For Kids looks like any forklift you might have seen in warehouses but its smaller, safer, and perfect for children. The pedal powered toy car will help your kids move around light stuff and keep them busy while you read your favourite book or browse photos on InkCase i7.

Perfect for kids above 3, the forklift has a working steering wheel, horn, and forklift that can actually lift and dispose contents. Your kid will totally fall in love with this machine that is much more than a regular toy car. Check it out.