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Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp to Light Up Your Life

Kids who grew up with smartphones will never understand what it was like to gobble the dots and cherries when the Pac Man was at your heels. The Pac Man USB Ghost Lamp is for those who played the addictive game for hours and also the fan boys of course.

The lamp is 8” tall and comes with two modes. One will change the light to 16 different colors randomly while the ‘party’ mode (now we are talking) will be triggered by sound and take your music experience to the next level.

The Pac Man ghost lamp doesn’t need an additional socket and will share power with your laptop through micro-USB. The next lady in your room will surely appreciate the geeky light emitting ghost on your shelf along with roots water garden.

If you make an order now, you can save $10 and get Pac Man ghost lamp at just $22! Have a look.