Navdy: Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System with Heads Up Display

From GPS to music, calls and texts, everything is distracting when you are driving a car. Because your eyes should always be on the road, folks at Navdy came up with augmented reality GPS navigation system that helps you manage texts, directions, messages, music, and much more with just hand gestures. Yeah, pretty much like Tony Stark in Iron Man.

Navdy makes it all possible by projecting everything as transparent image on the road ahead of you so that you stay safe without losing control of important details. Visible even in direct sunlight, the display quality is literally mind blowing.

Since AI and Machine Learning powers the smart device, Navdy gets better with time. Besides managing music and connectivity, it also keeps a watch on your fuel tank and points to the nearest gas station for refill. It might not be as cool as your kid’s Luke Skywalker Landspeeder but it is a pretty little device. Check it out.