The Rolls Royce of Pens is Here!

You must have seen a lot of premium pens and maybe you already have a couple of them but we bet you don’t have one that uses magnetic propulsion system to operate. That’s why we want to talk about MAGNO INK with you. The most innovative cum badass pen ever.

Brainchild of HRIBARCAIN, the very first company to use any kind of magnets in a pen. It is nothing less than the Rolls Royce of pens since it has plethora of revolutionary features. You can feel the luxurious when you grab this little piece of beauty available in awesome colors.

Magnets take care of opening and closing of the pen’s nib. You just need a gentle pull to write and push to close. MAGNO INK is water resistant, scratch resistant, brings patent pending design, and will look super sexy sitting on your classy Monitor Stand Riser.

Be proud to get your hands on this innovative beauty and don’t forget to flaunt it in front of your colleagues. Check it out over here.