Lifepack: The Hustle Collection

The perfect backpack was a myth. The stylish ones have lame design. The practical ones aren’t built to fit life essentials of metrosexual man. This changed when Lifepack came out with its super backpacks and shoulder bags under Hustle Collection.

The Hustle collection brings a sexy range of bags that come with different compartments for your stuff, minimal design, solar power bank (no dead phones!), sophisticated lock, hidden pockets, magnetic closure, and a lot more. The bags extraordinaire are available in 6 different styles and come at a ridiculously reasonable price.

Lifepack is the perfect home for your laptop, smartphone, charger, headphones, shades, notebook, keys, iPod, and other everyday things. Let’s not talk about quality since 15,000 lifepacks are already out there doing their thing. Go preorder one on Kickstarter right now before they disappear!