Liberty+: The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

If only Apple Airpods has spent more on product quality than design and marketing, this wouldn’t have happened. Ladies and gentlemen, Liberty+ has been rated by the cruellest of critics and all of them have only one thing to say, ‘god bless Liberty+’

With playtime of over 48 hours and virtually unbreakable Bluetooth connectivity, these wireless earphones from Kickstarter are giving the big wireless names a run for their money.

The team behind the earphones used science and created a new material called Graphene to improve audio clarity. The team also evolved GripFit technology to make sure that the wireless earphones don’t drop when you go for a run or put on the dancing shoes. That’s a lot of science for a pair of headphones but who are we to complain.

To top it all, it has voice controlled smart AI and waterproof design! Guys, just go and check out Liberty+ Wireless earphones.