Slay Halloween with Kids Phantom Costume

Nothing feels better than scaring the crap out of your buddies and neighbours in Halloween. And we are here to help you with the task by bringing the most terrifying Halloween costumes from all over the internet. First in the line is this spooky Kids Phantom Costume.

Made of polyester and darkness, this costume brings robe, hood, gloves, belts, and glasses. The eyewear is fitted with Fade-In/Fade-Out Mechanism that will make you the red-eyed terror of the neighbourhood on the night of Halloween.

Available at super cheap price and multiple sizes, this costume is comfy and scary at the same time.Hide in the bushes or just stand in a dark corner to catch people off-guard. The night is yours, Phantom Lord.  And for god’s sake complete the look with a scythe, and not your mother’s favourite Mia Schmallenbach’s knives.

We guarantee even the neighbourhood bully will squeal like a baby on catching your glimpse. Check out the product right here!