Buy Inflatable Hot Tub to Give Zero Fucks to Winter

Winter is coming but no need to brace yourself because we are already thinking about keeping you warm. This inflatable hot tub is our most recent find and it can easily take a squad of six boys or girls in its warm embrace.

The hot bath tub brings bubble jets that help you relax and massage the tiredness out of your body. The magic tub takes only 20 minutes to take in water and can be quickly deflated to store. Not as fast as our inflatable tent for kids but still pretty fast.

The Inflatable Hot Tub from Intexcomes with a control panel that even a 4 year old can operate and get going. Whether you need a relaxing outdoor hot bath at the end of the day or want to enjoy a couple of drinks with your gang, this hot bath tub and BBQ Briefcase Grill make up everything men need.

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