Moving Heavy Furniture is Child’s Play With Ez-Moves

Moving heavy furniture like sofa sets, dresses and cabinets around the house can leave you breathless and gasping for help. Because paying someone to do the simple chore and asking favours from the odd neighbour doesn’t make sense, some wise folks came up with Ez-Moves.

The set of tiles are pretty straight forward but gets the job done. All you go to do is put the tiles below the furniture legs and give a gentle push to slide the furniture wherever you want. Ez-Moves is a godsend gift for wives and young women who usually don’t get the help when it comes to rearranging home or conducting a thorough cleaning operation at places where even your mopping robot cannot reach.

Ez-Moves works like magic on hardwood flooring, carpets, tiles, and everything else. The pack includes 8 moving tiles and a furniture moving arm that gives you super strength of sorts. Check out the awesome product.