DJIN: The Wallet That Ain’t Dumb

Aren’t wallets the dumbest things every designed? We are supposed to carry them every day but they hate our pockets. Few that are comfy can’t accommodate stuff that really matter to us. This troubled some geeks and they came up with DJIN.

The smart and savvy wallet has space for your cards, cash, coins, pen drive, micro SD card, keys, passport photos, ring, sim card, and every other thing that you want handy. Besides amazing looks and practical design, the wallet packs RFID blocking card to protect your personal informal from e-pickpockets.

DJIN has a patented design and is built using the sleek materials that will grab eyeballs everywhere. Super lightweight and versatile, it makes regular wallets hang their head in shame. With this money keeper, you can stay organized, protect plastic currency, and make a style statement all at the same time.

Check out the super affordable product and the perfect gift item for men on Kickstarter!