Cozmo: Cool AI Robot to Keep Your Kids Engaged

Let’s face it. Robots can clean your pool and mop your floors but they are not something you can imagine you kids having a good time with. We mean what can a robot do on a fun note, right? Wrong. A robot can do a lot. To be precise, Cozmo can do a lot.

Cozmo is a tiny AI robot that loves to play, makes faces, throws a tantrum, and keep your little ones entertained for hours. The robotics marvel is compatible with iOS as well as Android and requires an app to do its tricks. It brings its own toys to the table and is smart enough to drive you home. Well, we made up the last bit but everything else is true.

Built to be interactive and reflect human emotions, the super toy is durable and safe to be trusted with kids. Bring Cozmo to your home and we promise your children will be hooked with the mischievous AI machine. Check it out on Amazon.