Bubble Window Pet Bags to Make Your Cat Hate You Less

Your cat hates you but it hates you more when you stuff her in a garbage bag while traveling from A to B. And when you do that, your cat’s loathing reaches great heights and it prays for a car to run over you. This is why Texsens took time to design these innovative comfy bubble window bags for cats and small dogs.

Besides a bubble window that will make the ladies and gents go awww, the classy pet bag also has built in security leash, ventilation holes for freshness, and side entry for easy access. Take your pick from backpack, duffel bag, roller, sports bag, or messenger bag available in amazing colours and designs.

You owe the bubble window pet bag to your furry friends. We mean it is the least expensive way to thank them for putting up with your shit. Now, be a good human and check out the cuteness overload of pet bags!