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Lawn Sweeper Because Hard Work Sucks

Getting leaves, grass clippings, debris, and pine cones off your lawn is hard work. So hard that it can make your back hurt and even cost you the season’s best game. That’s why we have brought for you the super lawn sweeper that can reduce an hour’s work to just few minutes.

Built to last many seasons, the lawn sweeper is very handy and can be stored without occupying much space in your garage. Call it the smarter cousin of good old rake, this lawn sweeper has fully adjustable sweeper level and has been built to hold a good lot of leaves and stuff in its 7 cubic feet hopper bag.

Though not as smart as your grill robot, it has over 476 reviews on Amazon and comes with a 3 year warranty. In short, it is the perfect dad gift for coming Christmas. Check out the practical product right here.